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Otolaryngology is the branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis र treatment of ear, nose, throat, र head & neck disorders. The full name of the specialty is otolaryngology-head र neck surgery. Practitioners are called otolaryngologists-head र neck surgeons, or sometimes otorhinolaryngologists (ORL). A commonly used term for this speciality is ENT (ear, nose र throat).

Explanation[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Otolaryngologists are medical doctors who complete at least five years of surgical residency training. Currently, this is comprised of one year in general surgery, four years in otolaryngology - head र neck surgery; in the past it varied between two र three years of each.

Following residency training, some otolaryngologists elect to complete advanced subspeciality "fellowship" training which is usually one (but is sometimes two) years in duration.

Subspecialties[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Head र Neck Facial plastics Otology Neuro-otology Rhinology/Sinus Laryngology Pediatrics Allergy
Surgical oncology Facial cosmetics Ear Middle र inner ear Sinusitis Voice therapy VeloPalatine-Insufficiency
Reconstruction Maxillofacial Hearing Temporal bone Allergy Phono-surgery Cleft Lip र Palate
Endocrine surgery Trauma Skull base Anterior skull base Airway
Dizziness Apnea र snoring Vascular Malformations
Cochlear Implant/BAHA

Topics in Otolaryngology, Head र Neck Surgery[सम्पादन गर्ने]

General Otolaryngology[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Head र Neck/Reconstructive Surgery[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Otology/Neuro-Otology[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Rhinology (Sinus diseases र anterior skull base)[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Pediatrics[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Laryngology[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Trauma/Facial Plastics[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Societies[सम्पादन गर्ने]

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