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This is the template documentation page for ढाँचा:Flagcountry.

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Displays the flag and the name of a country, linked to the main article of that country (flag + country).

The first parameter is mandatory and identifies the name of the country.


Optional parameters:

  • {{flagcountry|फ्रांस|size=40px}} =  फ्रांस — to use a non-default flag size
  • {{flagcountry|फ्रांस|name=C'est la France}} =  C'est la France — to produce a non-default link-text
  • {{flagcountry|फ्रांस|free}} =  फ्रांस — to use a flag variant. In this example, the historical flag for Free France (1940-1945) is identified by the second parameter of "free". The list of flag variants is specific for each country.

Implementation[सम्पादन गर्ने]

This template uses the data templates listed under category:country data templates, which contain the data what to display (Example: template:देश आँकड़े फ्रांस) and the formatter template:country flagcountry2, which contains the logic how to display the देश आँकड़े.

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