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This is an auxiliary template of Template:Rnd, called if the number, after rounding, is 1e9 or more, or less than 1e-4.

Its first parameter is the rounded number, its second the rounding parameter, the third parameter the order of magnitude, and as fourth parameter "+" or "-".

It calls {{rnd/-}} with as parameters the significand and the number of decimals of the significand to be displayed, to add trailing zeros, and calls {{rnd/e+}} or {{rnd/e-}} to express the number in scientific notation.

Examples[सम्पादन गर्ने]

  • {{rnd/d|1540000000|-7|9|+}} → 1.54×109
  • {{rnd/d|1542689271|2|9|+}} → 1.54268927100×109
  • {{rnd/d|.08|5|-2|+}} → 8.000×10-2