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The Template:Strlen_short gives the length of parameter 1, as a string, with a count of 0-50 characters, using a simple, quick method. The template was designed to use only 2 levels of expansion depth, rather than 9-13 or more levels as in other string-length templates.

Usage:  {{strlen short|abcdef}}       → 6
{{strlen short|123456789.}} → 10
{{strlen short|2.4| extra= -1}} → 3

The optional parameter "extra= -1" can be used to return a specific value when a string exceeds the 50-character limit. The default result is -1 to indicate a string longer than 50 characters.

See also[सम्पादन गर्ने]

  • {{Strlen_quick}} - to get string lengths quickly up to 0-70, but has expansion depth 5.
  • {{Str len}} - handles strings up to 500 long, but with expansion depth 9-13 or more.