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Dear All, This is Sudip Ghimire from Purankot VDC-3, Kirinche. I have been working in the field of Psychology. I did not get information about my VDC. Thus, i am going to describe about my VDC. If you have time you can see and hope you will give feedback.

Location : Lamjung situated in the western part of Nepal and lies in the fertile Hamil. It borders manang district in the north, Tanahau is in the south, Gorkha district is in the east and Kaski district in the west. In Lamjung there are 61 village Development Committees. Purankot is one of them. Lamjung, a district that falls under the western development region, lies in the Gandaki Zone of Nepal. Besishahar as a district headquarter. The district, which is the home of approximately two lakhs (200,000) people, has a literacy rate of 56%. There are 61 Village Development Committees (V.D.Cs) in this district. Five campuses, 15 higher secondary schools and 268 schools have been established to advance the education sector. Post offices are present in all 61 V.D.Cs. There is only one hospital in the district but at least one health post in all the 61 V.D.Cs.

Occupying an area of 1692kms, the district is neighboured by the districts of Gorkha, Manang, Kaski and Tanahu. Its abundance of natural resources goes untapped due to a lack in proper road infrastructure. Both, water and forest resources, have not been properly and wisely utilized. Most of the villages has electricity and has been connected by kancha road.


70 Megawatt Mid-Marshyangdi Hydroelectricity Project (MMHEP), the second largest hydropower project in the country has started operation from December 14, 2008. PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal had inaugurated the project. The project was started in June 2001 with joint investments of the government of Nepal and Germany and Nepal Electricity Authority,


Lamjung is connected with GSM, CDMA connection by Nepal Telecom and Spice Nepal. Land lanes are common in town areas. Almost each VDC is provided with one land line or CDMA phone. CDMA and GSM mobile phones are common in many villages and towns due to easily available.

Internet Lamjung is recently connected with ADSL which is much faster as compared to dail up. Recenty, wifi has been made availabe by Broadlink in Besisahar. Lamjung has print medias Lamjung highlights, Antarang etc to name a few. At present lamjung has Two stations Marshyangdi 95 MHz and Radio Lamjung 88.4 MHz. Culture: Gurung, Bramin, Chattrai and Dalit are living in this village. (Copied from www.elamjung.com)