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कुनै सम्पादन सारांश छैन
कुनै सम्पादन सारांश छैन
चिनोहरू: मोबाइल सम्पादन मोबाइल वेब सम्पादन
कुनै सम्पादन सारांश छैन
चिनोहरू: मोबाइल सम्पादन मोबाइल वेब सम्पादन
A '''general practitioner''' ('''GP''') or '''family physician''' ('''FP''') is a [[physician]]/[[medical doctor]] who provides [[primary care]]. A GP/FP treats acute र chronic illnesses, provides preventive care र health education for all ages र both sexes. Some also care for hospitalized patients, do minor [[surgery]] and/or [[obstetrics]]. The term general practitioner is common in the [[संयुक्त अधिराज्य|United Kingdom]] र some other [[Commonwealth of Nations|Commonwealth]] countries, where the word "physician" is only used for certain specialists र not for GPs.
== फ्रान्स ==
In [[फ्रान्स|France]], the '''''médecin généraliste''''' (commonly called ''docteur'') is responsible for the long term care in a population. This implies prevention, education, care of the [[रोग|diseases]] र [[Physical trauma|traumas]] that do not require a specialist, र orientation towards a specialist when necessary. They also follow the severe diseases day-to-day (between the acute crises that require the intervention of a specialist).
They have a role in the survey of [[epidemy|epidemics]], a legal role (constatation of traumas that can bring compensation, certificates for the practice of a [[sport]], [[death]] certificate, certificate for hospitalisation without consent in case of mental incapacity), र a role in the [[emergency medicine|emergency care]] (they can be called by the ''samu'', the French [[emergency medical service|EMS]]). They often go to a patient's home when the patient cannot come to the consulting room (especially in case of children or old people), र have to contribute to a night र week-end duty (although this was contested in a strike in [[2002]]).
The studies consist of six years in the university (common to all medical specialties), र two years र a half as a junior practitioner (''interne'') :
* the first year (PCEM१, ''premier cycle d'études médicales, première année'', often abbreviated to ''P१'' by students) is common with the dentists (and, in some universities, with students of other paramedical professions like [[midwifery]]); the rank at the final competitive examination determines in which branch the student can go on;
* the following two years, called ''propédeutique'', are dedicated to the fundamental sciences: [[anatomy]], human [[physiology]], [[biochemistry]], [[bacteriology]], [[statistics]]...
* the three following years are called ''externat'' र are dedicated to the study of [[clinical medicine]]; they end with a classifying examination, the rank determines in which specialty (general medicine is one of them) the student can make उनका ''internat'';
* the ''internat'' is two years र a half of initial professional experience under the responsibility of a ''senior''; the ''interne'' can prescribe, he can make replace physicians, र usually works in a hospital.
This ends with a [[doctorate]], a research work which usually consist of a statistical study of cases to propose a care strategy of a specific affection (in an epidemiological, diagnostic, or therapeutic point of view).
== भारत ==
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