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*[[Science]] shows reasons we have human rights. [[Biology|Biologists]] say that the reason we feel that human rights are good is because we [[evolution|evolved]] this way. If an [[organism]] is good to other organisms, most of the time ''both'' organisms live better.
*[[Political]] [[philosophy]] also gives reasons for human rights. If all people are treated fairly र good, there will be less fights in [[society]]. This is better for all people.
According to the Vienna Declaration there are three fundamental principles of human rights which are as follows:
1) Universality,
2) Indivisibility and
3) inherent
Human rights is everywhere where and for all people of the universe. Human rights are interlinked and inter connected and and can't be divided. Human rights are not given by any person or sovereign but it is found in universe so no one derogate the human rights.
==मानव अधिकार [[कानून]]==


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