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कुनै सम्पादन सारांश छैन्
सा (हटक्याटद्वारा श्रेणी:देश हटाइयो; श्रेणी:देशहरू जोडियो)
'''चेकोस्लोभाकिया''' वा '''चेको-स्लोभाकिया'''<ref name=covenant>{{cite web|title=THE COVENANT OF THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS.|url=http://avalon.law.yale.edu/imt/parti.asp}}</ref> (चेक र स्लोभाक: ''Československo'', ''Česko-Slovensko''<ref name="KulturaSlova">{{cite web|url= http://juls.savba.sk/ediela/ks/1990/6/ks1990-6.lq.pdf|title= Ján Kačala: Máme nový názov federatívnej republiky (The New Name of the Federal Republic), In: Kultúra Slova (official publication of the Slovak Academy of Sciences Ľudovít Štúr Institute of Linguistics) 6/1990 pp. 192-197}}</ref>) मध्य [[युरोप]]मा अवस्थित सोभियत राज्य हो ।
== आधारभुत कुराहरू ==
== आधारभुत कुराहरू ==
== इतिहास ==
== सन्दर्भ सामाग्री ==
File: Czechoslovakia01.png
=== स्रोत ===
*[http://web.archive.org/web/20070304093927/http://www.czech.cz/en/basic-facts/history/all-about-czech-history/the-first-czechoslovak-republic/ Czechoslovak Republic]
== सन्दर्भ सामाग्रीसामाग्रीहरु ==
=== नोटहरू ===
== अन्य ==
*Heimann, Mary. ''Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed'' (२००९). the best scholarly history in English, but with a negative tone stressing maltreatment of minorities.
*Hermann, A. H. ''A History of the Czechs'' (१९७५)
*Kalvoda, Josef. ''The Genesis of Czechoslovakia'' (१९८६)
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*Paul, David. 'Czechoslovakia: Profile of a Socialist Republic at the Crossroads of Europe'' (१९९०)
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*Wolchik, Sharon L. ''Czechoslovakia: Politics, Society, and Economics'' (१९९०)
*[http://www.questia.com/library/history/european-history/eastern-europe/czechoslovakian-history.jsp online books and articles]
== बाहिरी लिङ्कहरू ==
*[http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/cstoc.html U.S. Library of Congress Country Studies, "Czechoslovakia"] in public domain
*[http://www.lib.umich.edu/spec-coll/czech/ Soviet Invasion of १९६८]{{dead link|date=March 2011}}
{{commons category|Czechoslovakia}}
*[http://www.vyznamenani.net/main.htm Orders and Medals of Czechoslovakia including Order of the White Lion] (''in English and Czech'')
*[http://web.archive.org/web/20080529004043/http://www.czech.cz/en/czech-republic/history/all-about-czech-history/the-first-czechoslovak-republic/ Czechoslovakia]-The First Czechoslovak Republic
*[[Yuri Andropov|Andropov]] to the Central Committee, about the Demonstration in Red Square Against the Warsaw Pact Invasion of Czechoslovakia, २० September १९६८. [[Andrei Sakharov]] [[KGB]] file, Archieve posted at the [[Yale University]], http://www.yale.edu/annals/sakharov/documents_frames/Sakharov_008.htm
*[http://terkepek.adatbank.transindex.ro/kepek/netre/163.gif Hungarian Language Map], border changes after the creation of Czechoslovakia
*[http://terkepek.adatbank.transindex.ro/kepek/netre/166.gif Map]
*[http://terkepek.adatbank.transindex.ro/kepek/netre/200.gif Map]
File: Czechoslovakia01.png
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