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=== Usage ===
* Use {{tlx|{{lc:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}} for the normal template
* Use {{tlx|{{lc:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}|reason=text}} for applying a specific reason
* Use {{tlx|{{lc:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}|expiry={{#time:F j, Y|+1 month}}}} for a specific expiration date
* Use {{tlx|{{lc:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}|small=yes}} for just an icon at the top
Note that ''(UTC)'' will be added automatically.
This template is not to be used as a bluff. '''''Only use it on MOVE'''''move-PROTECTED pages.protected''''' pages. Please note that only [[Wikipedia:Administrators|administrators]] can protect pages.
:''This template shouldwill onlycategorize bearticles, usedportals onand pagestemplates thatinto are move-protected due to disputes; for{{cl|Wikipedia pages that are move-protected due to vandalism,}} useand {{tlxcl|pp-move-vandalismProtected pages with expiry expired}} instead.''
:''Other pages will be categorized depending on their namespace into {{cl|Move protected project pages}}, {{cl|Move protected user and user talk pages}} and {{cl|Move protected talk pages}}.''
{{in category|Move protected|Protected pages with expiry expired}}
=== See also ===
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