बीरगञ्जको बाटोमा पाइने खानाका परिकार

स्वतन्त्र विश्वकोश, नेपाली विकिपिडियाबाट
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The typical Birgunj street food is similar to that of India’s. There are many street offerings in Birgunj such as Pani Puri, Pav bhaji, variety of chaats,etc. sold by local hawkers or vendors from a movable stall known as Thella. Local people enjoy eating these foods and streets are crowded mostly during the evening. Most of the thellas are also available during evening times only and so the food can be enjoyed as evening snacks but can equally fulfill for dinner time.[स्रोत नखुलेको]

Types of Street Food Available in Birgunj

  1. Pani Puri (Also known as Puchkas): Hollow crisp puris filled with chickpea or mashed potato masala along with tangy water made from tamarind and mint leaves. One plate of Pani puri costs upto Nrs. १० consisting of ४ puris.
  2. Paav Bhaji: Potatoes are mashed on a flat griddle (tava), and made into thick gravy (bhaji) after adding different diced vegetables and spices. The gravy is then served hot with griddled and buttered Pav. One plate Pav bhaji costs upto Nrs. ४०.
  3. Chaat: Variety of chaats such as Tikki Chaat, Papdi chaat, Kachori chaat, etc are available on the stalls. They are typically served with chickpeas (cholley) and sweet, spicy chutneys. One Plate chaat can cost from Nrs. ३० to Nrs. ६०[स्रोत नखुलेको]
  4. Chinese (Momo and Chowmine): Chinese momos and chowmein are quite a famous snack here. These are available at local restaurants and hotels in different varieties. The one variety of momo available on the streets is simple boiled Momos served with spicy chutney and soup. One Plate of momo and chowmein costs up to Nrs. ५० each.
  5. Rolls (Eggs and Chicken): Costs up to Nrs.६०.
  6. Bhaja: Made from puffed rice mixed with diced tomato, boiled potato, various spices and oil. It is usually served in a cone shaped pouch made of paper which makes it easy to eat while walking around. Can cost from Nrs. ५ to Nrs. २०.
  7. Samosa and Kachori: These are quite common snacks available at local sweet shops. It is usually served with sweet and spicy chutneys. It can cost upto Nrs. ५ per piece.
  8. Jalebi: It is a popular sweet in most of the asian countries. It is made by deep frying wheat flour batter in circular shapes and then soaking it in sugar syrup. It can cost upto Nrs. ५ per piece.
  9. Pakoras: These are various vegetables covered with chickpea batter and deep fried in oil. It can cost upto Nrs. ५ per piece.[स्रोत नखुलेको]

Thellas can be found after midday near Laxmi Bank, Adarshnagar. People of all age group enjoy eating the street food available here. Tourists visiting Birgunj should give Birgunj Street food a try once. The vendors can be communicated with in hindi, nepali and bhojpuri languages. The total cost can range from NRs. २० to Nrs. ४०० depending upon how many dishes you try and how much food you take.yummy