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Other user information templates[सम्पादन गर्ने]

User information templates provide informational links for a user; they are similar to signatures, but often provide additional information, and may be used by other users.

Template Output ('Example' is used for user name)
{{User link}} {{U}} Example
{{User0}} {{Usert}} Example (talk)
{{User}} {{User1}} {{BUser}}
{{Userv}} Example (talkcontribs)
{{Usertcb}} Example (talkcontribsblock user)
{{User2}} {{Usertcc}} Example (talk contribs count)
{{User3}} {{Usertcl}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>logs)
{{User4}} {{Usertce}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>email)
{{User5}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>deleted contribs<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>block user<dot-separator>block log)
{{User6}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>block log) or (with |email=y)
Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>block log<dot-separator>email)
{{User6b}} Example (talk<dot-separator>message<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>email)
{{User7}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>email)
{{User8}} {{Usertcce}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>email)
{{User10}} {{Usertccl}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>logs)
{{User11}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>api<dot-separator>block log)
{{User12}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>block user<dot-separator>block log)
{{User13}} Example (talk · Special:Contributions/Example · logs · block log)
{{User14}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>global contribs<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>block log)
{{User15}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>block log<dot-separator>edit summaries)
{{User16}} Example (talk<dot-separator>message<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>deleted contribs<dot-separator>summary<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>
  1. REDIRECT Template:Plain link<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>block log<dot-separator>block<dot-separator>email)
{{User19}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>global contribs<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>user creation<dot-separator>block log)
{{User21}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>deleted contribs<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>block user<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>block log<dot-separator>ban<dot-separator>arb<dot-separator>rfc<dot-separator>lta<dot-separator> SPI Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "�".Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "�".)
{{User23}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>deleted<dot-separator>listuser<dot-separator>global account browser<dot-separator>central auth<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>target logs)
{{User plus}} Examplecontact
{{User-multi}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>block log<dot-separator>block user<dot-separator>email<dot-separator>central auth<dot-separator>deleted contribs)
With this template, you can specify which links you want displayed. The above example includes some of the available links.
{{UserSummary}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>deleted contribs<dot-separator>what links to user page<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>COIBot<dot-separator>user page logs<dot-separator>x-wiki<dot-separator>status<dot-separator>Edit filter search<dot-separator>Google)
{{User toolbox}}
The User toolbox

Username: Example

General: usertalkedit analysisedit countuser groupsglobal user groupsblocked?active autoblocksuserspaceuser talk userspaceautomated tool usageglobal account inforfasrfbsrfarsrfcsrfcussspsspisbrfas (if bot)editor reviewsadministrator reviewsrfa votesafd votes

History: contributionsdeleted contributionsglobal contributionslogsmovesuploadspages patrolledaccounts createdreview logpending changes logregistration timeuserpage logblock logrights log (meta) • edit summariesglobal account logglobal rights logglobal block logglobal blocks disabled/enabledfiles uploadedabuse logexamine past editsabuse filter changesexact registration timearticles createdtop article editsoversightsrights

Admin history: protectionsblocksdeletionsrightsinterface contributionsimportsglobal blocks disabled/enabled

Bureaucrat history: renamesrights

Steward history: rightsglobal rightsglobal account changesglobal blocks

Actions: emailblockunblockflagrenamemass deleteglobally blockglobally unblockmerge global accountdisable global blocks locally

{{Useranon}} (talk)
{{IPuser}} (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>info<dot-separator>WHOIS)
{{IP summary}} (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>deleted contribs<dot-separator>what links to user page<dot-separator>COIBot<dot-separator>count<dot-separator>block log<dot-separator>x-wiki<dot-separator>Edit filter search<dot-separator>WHOIS<dot-separator>RDNS<dot-separator>traceroute<dot-separator>ippages.com<dot-separator>robtex.com<dot-separator>tor<dot-separator>Google<dot-separator>AboutUs)
User information templates normally used on administrative pages
Template Output ('Example' is used for user name)
{{User-c}} Example (t c)
{{User-c-name}} Example (t·c)
{{User-t}} Example (t·c)
{{User-t2}} Example (t·c)
{{Useracc}} Example (talk contribs account creation)
{{UserBk}} Example (block log)
{{Userblock}} Example (talk · contribs · block log)
{{Userblocked}} Example (talkcontribspage movesCurrent Autoblocksblock log)
{{Usercheck}} Example (talk · contribs · count · logs · block log · lu · rfa · rfb · arb · rfc · lta · rfcu · ssp · socks )
{{Usercheck-short}} Example (talk · contribs · deleted · count [quick] · logs · block log · lu · rfar · rfc · rfcu · ssp · spi)
{{Usercheck-full}} Example (talkmessagecontribsglobal contribsdeleted contribs  • page moves  • user creationblock user  • block logcount
  1. REDIRECT Template:Plain linklogssummaryemail | lu •  rfa  • rfb  • arb  • rfc  • lta  • checkuser  • spi  • socks | rfarrfcrfcussp | current rightsrights log (local)rights log (global/meta) | rightsrenamesbotsblocksprotectsdeletionsrollbackadminlogs | UHxUtHxUtE)
{{Checkuser}} Example (talk+tagcontribsdeleted contribslogsfilter logblock userblock logSULcheckuser)
{{UserContribs}} contributions
{{Ccount}} Contribution count for "Example"
{{Useredits}} Example (contribs)
{{UserFs}} Example (block log · checkuser)
{{User-full}} Example  (talk · contribs · checkuser · block user · block log · edit count)
{{Userlinks}} Example (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log)
{{Userlinks2}} Example (talk · contribs · blocks · count · rollback · admin · logs)
{{Userlinks-abbr}} (u t c m l )
{{Userlinks-external}} Example (talkcontribspage movesblock userblock log)
{{Userlinks-tt}} Example ("Example" • talkcontribspage movesblock userblock log)
{{Userlogs}} Logs for "Example"
{{Userrights}} Example (current rights · rights log (local) · rights log (global/meta) · block log)
{{Admincheck}} Example (talk · contribs · count · logs · target logs · block log · lu · rfa · rfb · arb · rfc · lta · spi · checkuser · socks rights blocks protects deletions moves)
{{Notable user}} Example (usertalkcontribs)
{{Socklinks}} Example (talk+ · contribs · deleted contribs · tag · block user · block log · checkuser)
{{User-uaa}} Example (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · global · edit filter log block - soft · bot · softer hard · spam · vandal · google)
{{UserVP}} Example (talkcontribscountblock log)
{{Vandal}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>deleted contribs<dot-separator>nuke contribs<dot-separator>logs<dot-separator>edit filter log<dot-separator>block user<dot-separator>block log)
{{Vandal-s}} Example (talkcontribsblock log)
{{Vandal-m}} Example (talkcontribsblock logauto
{{Checkip}} (talk+tagcontribsfilter logWHOIS  • RBLsblock userblock logcross-wiki contribscheckip)
{{IPcheck}} (talk · tag · contribs · count · WHOIS · RDNS · trace · RBLshttplogs · block log · arb · rfc · lta · spi · checkuser · socks)
{{IPunblock}} (talkcontribsdeleted contribsWHOISRDNStraceRBLsblock logunblock)
{{IPvandal}} (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>deleted contribs<dot-separator>filter log <dot-separator> WHOIS<dot-separator>RDNS<dot-separator>trace<dot-separator> RBLs<dot-separator>http<dot-separator>block user<dot-separator>block log)
{{User SPI Clerk}} Example (talkmessageemail) | (contribsglobal contribsdeleted contribs  • count) | (lu • rfa  • rfb • arb  • rfc  • lta  • checkuser  •spi  • socks | rfarrfcrfcussp
) | (block log)
User information templates for Admins, Bureaucrats, and Bots
Template Output ('Example' is used for user name)
{{Admin}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>blocks<dot-separator>protections<dot-separator>deletions<dot-separator>page moves<dot-separator>rights)
{{Admin-abbr}} Example (t c b p d m r)
{{Bureaucrat}} Example (talk<dot-separator>contribs<dot-separator>rights<dot-separator>renames)
{{Bureaucrat2}} Example (talk<dot-separator> contribs<dot-separator> blocks<dot-separator> protections<dot-separator> deletions<dot-separator> moves<dot-separator> rights<dot-separator> renames)
{{Botlinks}} Example Bot (taskscontribsactions logblock logflag loguser rights)
{{Botlinks2}} Example Bot (talk contribs tasks flag log actions log block log other logs count)
{{Botlinks3}} Example Bot (task listcontribs)
{{Former admin}} Example (talk contribs former admin: blocks protects deletions rights meta local rights)
Templates used to to add a missing user signature
Template Output ('Example' is used for user name)
--Example (talkcontribs)
{{Quotedfrom}} —The preceding text was posted here by Example (talkcontribs), 00:00, २० जनवरी २०१५ (UTC).
{{Undated}} —Preceding undated comment added 00:00, २० जनवरी २०१५.
{{Uns-ip}} —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribsWHOIS) .

— यो अहस्ताक्षरित टिप्पणी : Exampleले । (वार्ता •  योगदान)मा लेख्नुभएको हो।

{{Unsigned IP}}
— Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk)
{{Unsigned2Fix}} —Preceding signed comment was added by Example (talkcontribs) , but the signature was removed while fixing wiki markup errors.
{{UnsignedIP2Fix}} —Preceding signed comment added by (talk) , but its signature was removed while wikimarkup errors were being fixed.
{{User actual}} —The preceding comment signed as by Example (talkcontribs) was actually added by Example2 (talkcontribs)
{{Warningorigin}} —The preceding warning was originally posted somewhere.