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{{Infobox awards list}} is used for awards lists to show a summary of notable awards won or nominated.

Usage[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

{{{name}}}का पुरस्कार तथा मनोनयनहरू
अमेरिकी सङ्गीत पुरस्कार {{{AmericanW}}} {{{AmericanN}}}
APRA {{{APRAW}}} {{{APRAN}}}
ARIA {{{ARIAW}}} {{{ARIAN}}}
Asia Song Festival {{{ASFW}}} {{{ASFN}}}
BET {{{BETW}}} {{{BETN}}}
BET Hip Hop {{{BETHHW}}} {{{BETHHN}}}
Billboard {{{BillboardW}}} {{{BillboardN}}}
Brit {{{BRITW}}} {{{BRITN}}}
Cyworld Digital Music {{{CyworldW}}} {{{CyworldN}}}
Echo {{{ECHOW}}} {{{ECHON}}}
Golden Disk {{{GDAW}}} {{{GDAN}}}
Golden Globe {{{GGAW}}} {{{GGAN}}}
Grammy {{{GrammyW}}} {{{GrammyN}}}
Ivor Novello {{{IvorW}}} {{{IvorN}}}
J {{{JW}}} {{{JN}}}
Jack {{{JackW}}} {{{JackN}}}
Juno {{{JunoW}}} {{{JunoN}}}
Kerrang! {{{KerrangW}}} {{{KerrangN}}}
Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica {{{VMALAW}}} {{{VMALAN}}}
Melon Music {{{MelonW}}} {{{MelonN}}}
Mercury Prizes {{{MercuryW}}} {{{MercuryN}}}
Mnet Asian Music {{{MamaW}}} {{{MamaN}}}
Meteor Music {{{MeteorW}}} {{{MeteorN}}}
Mnet 20's Choice {{{MCAW}}} {{{MCAN}}}
MOBO {{{MOBOW}}} {{{MOBON}}}
MOJO {{{MOJOW}}} {{{MOJON}}}
MTV Africa {{{MTVAfricaW}}} {{{MTVAfricaN}}}
MTV Asia {{{MTVAsiaW}}} {{{MTVAsiaN}}}
MTV Australia {{{MTVAustraliaW}}} {{{MTVAustraliaN}}}
MTV Europe {{{MTVEuropeW}}} {{{MTVEuropeN}}}
MTV VMA {{{MTVVideoW}}} {{{MTVVideoN}}}
MTV Brazil {{{MTVBrasilW}}} {{{MTVBrasilN}}}
MTV Japan {{{MTVJapanW}}} {{{MTVJapanN}}}
Much {{{MuchMusicW}}} {{{MuchMusicN}}}
MVPA Awards {{{MVPAW}}} {{{MVPAN}}}
Muso {{{MusoW}}} {{{MusoN}}}
New Zealand {{{NZMAW}}} {{{NZMAN}}}
Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice {{{NickAustraliaW}}} {{{NickAustraliaN}}}
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice {{{NickW}}} {{{NickN}}}
NME {{{NMEW}}} {{{NMEN}}}
NRJ {{{NRJW}}} {{{NRJN}}}
People's Choice {{{PeoplesW}}} {{{PeoplesN}}}
PLUG {{{PLUGW}}} {{{PLUGN}}}
Polaris {{{PolarisW}}} {{{PolarisN}}}
Radio Music {{{RadioW}}} {{{RadioN}}}
Q {{{QW}}} {{{QN}}}
Seoul Music {{{SMAW}}} {{{SMAN}}}
Shortlist {{{ShortlistW}}} {{{ShortlistN}}}
Soul Train {{{SoulW}}} {{{SoulN}}}
Teen Choice {{{TeenW}}} {{{TeenN}}}
TMF {{{TMFW}}} {{{TMFN}}}
World Music {{{WorldW}}} {{{WorldN}}}
Academy Awards {{{AcademyW}}} {{{AcademyN}}}
BAFTA Awards {{{BAFTAW}}} {{{BAFTAN}}}
BFJA Awards {{{BFJAW}}} {{{BFJAN}}}
Berlin International Film Festival {{{BerlinW}}} {{{BerlinN}}}
Bollywood Movie Awards {{{BollywoodMovieW}}} {{{BollywoodMovieN}}}
Boston Society of Film Critics {{{BostonFilmW}}} {{{BostonFilmN}}}
Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards {{{BroadcastFilmW}}} {{{BroadcastFilmN}}}
Chicago Film Critics Association {{{ChicagoFilmW}}} {{{ChicagoFilmN}}}
Chicago International Film Festival {{{ChicagoInternationalW}}} {{{ChicagoInternationalN}}}
Emmy Awards {{{EmmyW}}} {{{EmmyN}}}
Filmfare Awards {{{FilmfareW}}} {{{FilmfareN}}}
Florida Film Critics Circle {{{FloridaFilmW}}} {{{FloridaFilmN}}}
Genie Awards {{{GenieW}}} {{{GenieN}}}
GIFA Awards {{{GlobalIndianW}}} {{{GlobalIndianN}}}
Golden Globe Awards {{{GoldenGlobeW}}} {{{GoldenGlobeN}}}
Hum Awards {{{HUMW}}} {{{HUMN}}}
IIFA Awards {{{IIFAW}}} {{{IIFAN}}}
Indian Film Festival of Melbourne {{{IFFMW}}} {{{IFFMN}}}
Independent Spirit Awards {{{IndependentW}}} {{{IndependentN}}}
Irish Film and Television Awards {{{IrishFilmW}}} {{{IrishFilmN}}}
Los Angeles Film Critics Association {{{LAFilmW}}} {{{LAFilmN}}}
London Film Critics' Circle {{{LondonFilmW}}} {{{LondonFilmN}}}
Lux Style Awards {{{LSAW}}} {{{LSAN}}}
MTV Movie & TV Awards {{{MTVMovieW}}} {{{MTVMovieN}}}
National Board of Review {{{NationalBoardW}}} {{{NationalBoardN}}}
National Film Awards {{{NationalFilmW}}} {{{NationalFilmN}}}
National Society of Film Critics {{{NationalSocietyW}}} {{{NationalSocietyN}}}
New York Film Critics Circle Awards {{{NYFilmW}}} {{{NYFilmN}}}
Nigar Awards {{{NigarW}}} {{{NigarN}}}
Online Film Critics Society {{{OnlineFilmW}}} {{{OnlineFilmN}}}
Pakistan Media Awards {{{PMAW}}} {{{PMAN}}}
People's Choice Awards {{{PeopleW}}} {{{PeopleN}}}
Satellite Awards {{{SatelliteW}}} {{{SatelliteN}}}
Saturn Awards {{{SaturnW}}} {{{SaturnN}}}
Screen Awards {{{ScreenW}}} {{{ScreenN}}}
Screen Actors Guild Awards {{{ScreenActorsW}}} {{{ScreenActorsN}}}
Star Guild Awards {{{StarGuildW}}} {{{StarGuildN}}}
Stardust Awards {{{StardustW}}} {{{StardustN}}}
Zee Cine Awards {{{ZeeCineW}}} {{{ZeeCineN}}}
{{{award1}}} {{{award1W}}} {{{award1N}}}
{{{award2}}} {{{award2W}}} {{{award2N}}}
... ... ...
{{{award20}}} {{{award20W}}} {{{award20N}}}

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as detailed below into an article, typically at the top of an article above the lead section. Organizations without a Wikipedia page are not included in list of accolades per WP:FILMCRITICLIST.

Basic parameters[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

The following are the "basic" parameters that will be used in almost every infobox.

{{Infobox awards list
| title        = <!-- use "name = " to display "{{{name}}} awards and nominations"-->
| image        = 
| image_size   = 
| alt          = 
| caption      = 
| wins         = 
| nominations  = 

Named awards[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

This template has a number of "named" awards. Each specifically named parameter corresponds to one specific award ceremony. The parameter includes a W or N to define the total number of awards won or nominated.

|AmericanW = 0
|AmericanN = 1
|GrammyW = 3
|GrammyN = 2

The above example indicates that the group or artist American Music Award was nominated for 1 American Music Award, won 3 Grammy Awards, and was nominated for 2 Grammy Awards.

Award#, award#W, and award#N[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

Adds an additional award not listed above to the bottom of the list, where # is any number from 1-20. Use with Award#N and Award#W.

| award1 = [[TRL Awards]]
| award1W = 1
| award1N = 0
| award2 = [[Canadian Radio Music Awards|CRM Awards]]
| award2W = 1
| award2N = 0
| award3 = [[UK Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards]]
| award3W = 1
| award3N = 0

Custom awards[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

An additional way to add custom awards is to use {{Custom award}} within the |awards= parameter. This method gives the user the ability to manipulate the order in which the awards appear; however, all awards within the custom parameter will appear at the very bottom of the awards list if other awards parameters are defined.

| awards       = 
{{Custom award|Award #1 name|wins|nominations}}
{{Custom award|Award #2 name|wins|nominations}}

The example infobox (right) uses | awards = {{Custom award|Award name|{{{2}}}|{{{3}}} }}

Parameters[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

Parameter Description Status
title / name The title to be displayed. If using |name=, will display as "{{{name}}} awards and nominations" required
film Change wording from "Awards and nominations" to "Accolades" for films. Set to y. optional
nocollapse Display the list of awards without collapsing them. Set to y. optional
image An image, if needed. Wikilinking, "File:", and pixel size not required. optional
image_size Deprecated; see MOS:UPRIGHT. Image size in pixels. Should be 250 or less. If not specified, image defaults to frameless (220px). "px" is not required. optional
image_upright Image size via image scaling. Enter the width through adding a number greater than 1; decimals may be used. optional
alt Alt text for image per MOS:ALT. optional
total_width Use to scale the images to the same height and this total width. optional
image[n] (where [n] = 1 to 3)  Filename of [n]th image. optional
alt[n] (as above)  Alt description for [n]th image. optional
caption A caption explaining the image(s). optional
wins The total number of awards won. required
nominations The total number of nominations, not including those won. required
awards Use {{Custom award}} within this parameter to add awards to the list. optional

Tracking category[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

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