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  • This template categorises tagged articles into Category:Wikipedia articles needing clarification.
  • You can specify whether the template applies to an article (default) or section by adding |article or |section after the template's name. There is also the Template:Confusing section template for the sections.
  • Please use the "reason=" parameter to explain what is confusing. For example:
{{Confusing|reason=the furtlewangler is referred to in the plural but the diagram shows only one}}
Do not capitalize the beginning of the reason, since it is preceded by, "In particular, ". Another thing: do not add a full stop at the end of the reason because the template automatically puts a full stop in.
  • Please do not subst: this template.

{{Confusing|small=left}} generates:

{{Confusing|small=left|reason=the tensing of the article is ambiguous}} generates:

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अस्पष्टको कागजात

Mark text as confusing

ढाँचा प्यारामिटरहरू

What is confusingreason

Explain what part of the text needs to be clarified.


Date when it was added or verified


Set to 'left' if a small version should be shown instead of the default

article or section1

Set to 'section' to specify that you are referring to the section


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