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Pos टोली खेल विजयी बराबरी पराजित सगोल विगोल गोलअन्तर अङ्क Qualification or relegation
1 Alavés Qualification to Champions League group stage
2 Athletic Bilbao
3 Atlético Madrid
4 Barcelona Qualification to Champions League play-off round
5 Celta Vigo Qualification to Europa League group stage
6 Deportivo La Coruña Qualification to Europa League third qualifying round
7 Eibar
8 Espanyol
9 Granada
10 Las Palmas
11 Leganés
12 Málaga
13 Osasuna
14 Real Betis
15 Real Madrid
16 Real Sociedad
17 Sevilla
18 Sporting Gijón Relegation to Segunda División
19 Valencia
20 Villarreal
First खेलहरू(हरू) will be played: 21 August 2016. स्रोत: La Liga, Soccerway
वर्गीकरणको नियम: 1) Points; 2) Head-to-head points; 3) Head-to-head goal difference; 4) Goal difference; 5) Goals scored; 6) Fair-play points; 7) Play-off.