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Usage[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

Code format:

Note parentheses: (See WP:EL). Inline external links (this template links offsite) must be separated from the article text by parentheses. (Parentheses are deliberately not included in this template to allow for flexible usage).
{{Bibleverse||John|3:16|KJV}} yields:John 3:16

In text, with parentheses, this looks like this (John 3:16).

Note the empty parameter || before "John" in the above examples. This is to handle the first parameter, "BOOK#", which is not usually necessary, and cumbersome to look up.


This template is used to provide sources for Bible verse references. See the talk page for more usages, examples and source codes.

  • DO NOT put any spaces anywhere in the template.
  • You can use shorthand for the names, such as Sam or Deut.
  • Verse references may be simplified (for example, no range or entire chapter).
  • If there is only one book, leave that part blank.

List of sources[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

A list of sources and codes that may be used to trigger them is at http://bibref.hebtools.com#srcref

Here is a sample list (this list is subject to change, please check link above):

Code Translation
(do not include or, just number or text)
1000 Show user all options
31 or NIV New International Version (BibleGateway)
49 or NASB New American Standard Bible (BibleGateway)
9 or KJV King James Version (BibleGateway)
105 or HE Hebrew-English - parallel MT and JPS 1917 (Mechon Mamre)
65 or TM The Message (BibleGateway)

Alternative usage[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

An alternative which works, but may results in a double spacing, is:

{{Bibleverse|BOOKNAME|BOOK#|c:v-c:v|SOURCE_CODE}} .

Note, though, that if no book number is relevant, the blank argument must be there, e.g. {{Bibleverse|Genesis||1:15-16|HE}}

produces: Genesis  1:15-16 (compare the spacing in the example below).

An alternative version of this template is available that does not include the book name: Template:Bibleverse-nb. It can be used to create lists of verses, eg. [[Book of Exodus|Exodus]] {{Bibleverse-nb||Exodus|1:2-3|HE}}; {{Bibleverse-nb||Exodus|13:10|HE}}

produces: Exodus 1:2-3; 13:10

Examples[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

  • Example1: {{Bibleverse|1|Samuel|3:16-4:18|31}} produces a link to the NIV translation (31 in the source list as linked below): 1 Samuel 3:16-4:18
  • Example2: {{Bibleverse||Genesis|1:15-16|HE}} produces: Genesis 1:15-16