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Administration Templates
Bot Templates Output Comments
{{BotTrial}} परीक्षणको लागी स्वीकृत।
{{BotTrial|edits=50}} परीक्षणको लागी स्वीकृत (50 edits)। This is for a trial for a certain number of edits (this option may be combined with others)
{{BotTrial|days=7}} परीक्षणको लागी स्वीकृत (7 days)। This is for a trial for a certain number of days (this option may be combined with others)
{{BotTrial|userspace=yes}} परीक्षणको लागी स्वीकृत (userspace only)। This is a userspace only trial (this option may be combined with others)
{{BotExtendedTrial}} ढाँचा:BotExtendedTrial The extended trial template uses the same parameters as the standard trial template (see above).
{{BotTrialComplete}} ढाँचा:BotTrialComplete For use by the bot operator to report that the bot has completed its trial period.
{{BotOnHold}} ढाँचा:BotOnHold
{{BotSpeedy}} ढाँचा:BotSpeedy
{{BotApproved}}  स्वीकृत
{{BotExpired}} ढाँचा:BotExpired
{{BotWithdrawn}} ढाँचा:BotWithdrawn
{{BotDenied}} ढाँचा:BotDenied
{{BotRevoked}} ढाँचा:BotRevoked
{{BotComment}}  Comment.
{{OperatorAssistanceNeeded}} ढाँचा:OperatorAssistanceNeeded This will result in the bot sending a message to the operator.
{{BAGAssistanceNeeded}} ढाँचा:BAGAssistanceNeeded This is intended for use if urgent attention is needed or if a request is being neglected (wait seven days first).
Provides a variety of common messages for bot requests and BRFAs (see template documentation for details).

{{subst:Bot Top|Status|BotName #}}

Includes <noinclude> tag and the appropriate bot category (when using "subst")
{{subst:Bot Bottom}} Includes </noinclude> tag (when using "subst")
{{subst:Bot Talk|Subpage|Status}}

{{subst:Bot Talk|Subpage|approved|Bot}}
ढाँचा:Bot Talk

ढाँचा:Bot Talk

See also

धन्यवाद (Thank you)

More check mark, cross mark and related templates
Check marks and Cross marks
Check marks Cross marks
{{Check mark}} Green tickY {{X mark big}} Red XN
{{Tick}} = {{Tick|20}} YesY {{Cross}} = {{Cross|20}} N
{{Y}}, {{aye}} Green tickY {{N}}, {{nay}} Red XN
{{Check mark-n}} YesY {{X mark-n}} NoN
{{Y&}} {{N&}}
File:☑.svg Check mark.svg File:☒.svg ☒.svg
Other marks
{{n.b.}} Nota bene* {{hmmm}} ????
{{bang}} Symbol opinion vote.svg
Most of the templates above are fully sortable in a class="sortable" table (each check mark is assigned an undisplayed "Y" and each cross mark an undisplayed "N").