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Usage[सम्पादन गर्ने]

To use the template, start with {{CJKV}} and add any parameters you like, along with what you want to be displayed. The template will display all, and only, the parameters that you give it. The following parameters are supported:

Parameter Description Example
|t= traditional Chinese {{CJKV|t=李四}}
traditional Chinese: 李四
|s= simplified Chinese {{CJKV|s=李四}}
simplified Chinese: 李四
|p= Hanyu Pinyin {{CJKV|p=Zhōnghuá Mínguó}}
pinyin: Zhōnghuá Mínguó
|tp= Tongyong Pinyin {{CJKV|tp=Jhonghuá Mínguó}}
Tongyong Pinyin: Jhonghuá Mínguó
|cy= Cantonese Yale {{CJKV|tp=lei5 sei3}}
Cantonese Yale: Jlei5 sei3
|cj= Cantonese Jyutping {{CJKV|cj=lei5 sei3}}
Cantonese Jyutping: lei5 sei3
|w= Wade-Giles {{CJKV|w=Chung-hua Min-kuo}}
Wade-Giles: Chung-hua Min-kuo
|j= Japanese {{CJKV|j=中華人民共和国}}
Japanese: 中華人民共和国
|k= Korean {{CJKV|k=중화 인민 공화국}}
Korean: 중화 인민 공화국
|v= Vietnamese {{CJKV|v=Trung Quốc}}
भियतनामी: Trung Quốc
|l= "literally" {{CJKV|l=China}}
literally: "China"

All parameters are optional.

Examples[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Traditional always goes first.

  1. {{CJKV|t=張三|s=张三}}
    traditional Chinese: 張三; simplified Chinese: 张三
  2. {{CJKV|s=张三|t=張三}}
    traditional Chinese: 張三; simplified Chinese: 张三

The template compares traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Japanese Kanji automatically.

  1. {{CJKV|t=李四}}
    traditional Chinese: 李四
  2. {{CJKV|s=李四}}
    simplified Chinese: 李四
  3. {{CJKV|t=李四|s=李四}}
    Chinese: 李四
  4. {{CJKV|t=李四|s=李四|j=李四}}
    Chinese and Japanese: 李四;
  5. {{CJKV|t=李四|s=李四|j=李四|k=이사}}
    Chinese and Japanese: 李四; Korean: 이사
  6. {{CJKV|t=李四|s=李四|j=李四|k=이사|l=foobar}}
    Chinese and Japanese: 李四; Korean: 이사; literally: "foobar"

More examples:

  1. {{CJKV|t=立春|s=立春|p=lì chūn|j=立春|k=입춘|v=Lập xuân|l=establishment of spring}}
    Chinese and Japanese: 立春; pinyin: lì chūn; Korean: 입춘; भियतनामी: Lập xuân; literally: "establishment of spring"
  2. {{CJKV|t=中華民國|s=中华民国|p=Zhōnghuá Mínguó|tp=Jhonghuá Mínguó|w=Chung-hua Min-kuo}}
    traditional Chinese: 中華民國; simplified Chinese: 中华民国; Hanyu Pinyin: Zhōnghuá Mínguó; Tongyong Pinyin: Jhonghuá Mínguó; Wade-Giles: Chung-hua Min-kuo

See also[सम्पादन गर्ने]

  • {{zh-full}} another version of this template, giving the user greater control over the order in which elements are displayed and how they are displayed
  • {{zh}} - supports traditional, simplified Chinese as well as other common romanizations.