सामग्रीमा जानुहोस्


विकिपिडिया, एक स्वतन्त्र विश्वकोशबाट

Usage notes[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

This template is used to document the conclusion of a discussion in a talk page, and can be an alternative to refactoring. Please use it only when a consensus is reached, ie. at the end of the conversation. The consensus that is reached is written in the first argument / box. The main arguments for the conclusion are copied from the discussion in the second argument/ box.

You can see examples of its use by clicking on "what links here" on the Toolbox menu.

It can be inserted at the end of the conversation, or at the top of the talk page for easy reference. In that latter case:

  • the following message should appear at the top or at the end of the conversation: "This conversation is summarized at the top of the talk page".
  • the article itself can have the following comment at the top: "<!-- The statements below represents the consensus reached after long, sometimes heated discussions. Please review the summary of these discussions at the top of the talk page before editing this page. -->"

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