This user helped get {{{article_name}}} listed at Did You Know on the main page.

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Use this template to add an icon on your userpage for the article that you wrote or expanded five times which appeared on Wikipedia:Did you know. This template is a derivative of {{topicon}}.

Usage[सम्पादन गर्ने]

{{DYK user topicon
| article_name = Name of the article
| date         = The date the article was displayed on the main page under [[WP:DYK]]
| icon_nr      = The position number for the icon, in case you have multiple (starts at 0)
| extra_offset = Amount of pixels you want to move the icon to move extra to the left
| icon         = Optional name of image file for icon; see below
  • For DYK questionmark icon.svg, omit |icon=
  • For Symbol question.svg, use |icon=Symbol question.svg

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