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Template to add "edit on Wikidata" tag in Wikidata-driven infoboxes

If the infobox passes a |noicon= parameter, then this link will not be displayed when noicon is set to false or no.

The default can be set at the infobox level by coding as either:

  • | data100 = {{EditOnWikidata|noicon={{{noicon|true}}}}} → which displays the link in an article when noicon is omitted
  • | data100 = {{EditOnWikidata|noicon={{{noicon|false}}}}} → which suppresses the link in an article when noicon is omitted

This functionality is the opposite to the noicon parameter of Module:WikidataIB - so if you set noicon=True and pass it to both the module and this template, you will only see this template. If you pass noicon=False, this template will be hidden while Edit this at Wikidata will show next to the items fetched from Wikidata in the infobox.

You can specify qid= to link to a specific Wikidata ID if needed (i.e., in page drafts).

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