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अभिव्यक्ति त्रुटि: अज्ञात विराम चिन्ह चरित्र "१"।

WGS84 {latdegabs}° {latminint}′ {latsecdec}″ {latNS}, {londegabs}° {lonminint}′ {lonsecdec}″ {lonEW}
{latdegdec}, {londegdec}
UTM {utmzone} {utmeasting} {utmnorthing}
Zoom {zoom} Scale ± 1:{scale}
Region {region} Type {type} 
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Global services[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite Other
ACME Mapper Map Satellite TerrainMapnik
Ayna Maps Satellite
Bing MapsPopular Map Aerial Bird's Eye
Blue Marble Navigator Satellite
ExploreOurPla.net Daily
Flash Earth Satellite
Fourmilab Satellite
GeaBios Satellite
GeoNames Satellite Text (XML)
GlobeXplorer Satellite
Google Earth[१] Open w/ meta data
Google MapsPopular[१] Map Satellite Terrain
GPS Visualizer Map Satellite Terrain
Map24 Map
MapQuest Map
MapTech Map
Maps-For-Free Map
MSN maps Map
MultiMap Map
NASA World Wind Open
Norkart Virtual Globe Satellite
OpenStreetMapCC-BY-SA Map more maps, Nominatim (reverse geocoding)
Shaded Relief Map
TerraServer Satellite
USMapServer Map
ViaMichelin International Map
WikimapiaPopular Map Satellite + old places
WikiMiniAtlas Map
Yahoo! Maps Map Satellite (Flash required)

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Wikipedia articles[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Aspect Link Prepared by Estimated update
Article on specific latitude/longitude [[Latitude {latdegabs} degrees {latNS}|Latitude {latdegabs}° {latNS}]] and [[Longitude {londegabs} degrees {lonEW}|Longitude {londegabs}° {lonEW}]]
All coordinates on {pagename} in Google Maps, Live Search Maps Para near real-time
Layer in WikiMiniAtlas Dschwen 1-2 per week (as of May 2009)
Layer in Google Maps Google July 2008 (as of Feb 2009)
Layer in Google Maps Geonames Dec 2007 (as of Feb 2009)
Layer in Google Maps, ne Openstreetmap Wikipedia-World May 2009 (as of May 2009)
Layer in label overlay Wikipedia-World May 2008 (as of Feb 2009)
Layer in Live Search Maps Virtual Earth Feb 2008 (as of Feb 2009)
Layer in Multimap Multimap July 2008 (as of Feb 2009)
Table of coordinates 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, or 250 km away Wikipedia-World May 2008 (as of Feb 2009)
Table of coordinates 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, or 250 km away Dispenser daily 07:00 UTC
Table of coordinates Geonames Geonames Dec 2007 (as of Feb 2009)

Photos[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Other information[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Aspect
Geocaching.com Near by locations
GlobalGuide.org View land use
NASA Weather Weather satellite images
ExploreOurPla.net Weather information, NASA + METAR (Airport)
Megalithic Portal Prehistoric Sites, nearby
World Time Engine Timezone
Ex :: Natura Sunrise and sunset
www.sunrisesunset.com Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight, and Moon
Geody Info
Heavens-Above.Com Satellite/Planet Spotter
Echolink Nearest gateway for amateur radio VoIP network
Findu.com APRS stations
ham.darc.de/echolink Repeaters on DL3EL database
Degree Confluence Project Info
OpenPisteMap Skiing slopes
Great Circle Mapper Nearby Airports
GeoHack Antipodes

North America[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Canada[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite Other
GPS Visualizer Topo
National Atlas of Canada Topo
Sympatico / MSN Maps Map
TopoQuest Topo

United States[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite Other
GPS Visualizer USGS Aerial USGS Topo
MapQuest Map Labeled satellite
MSN Maps USA Map
MSR Maps (TerraServer-USA) USGS Aerial USGS Topo
National Weather Service Weather
TopoQuest Topo
Trails.com Topo
US Census Map
US EPA Watershed Info
USGS National Map Viewer Map

Europe A-M[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Austria[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
ViaMichelin Austria Map
MSN Karten Österreich Map

Bulgaria[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite
eMaps.bg Map
360.bg Satellite

Czech Republic[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite Other
Mapy.cz Map Labeled satellite Historical
Atlas.cz Map
Supermapy.cz Map
1188.cz Cadastral Map

Denmark[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Findvej.dk Map
Findvej.dk with Wikipedia Map
Eniro Map

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

  • Kort & Martikelstyrelsen Topo
  • Krak.dk Map

Estonia[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Estonian Land Board Orthophoto/Map

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Finland[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Other
Eniro Map Oblique
National Land Survey of Finland MapSite Map
02.fi Map

Local[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Other
eKarjala Map
Espoo Map
Helsinki Map
Hämeenlinna Map
Jyväskylä Map
Kokkola Map
Kotka Map
Kouvola Map
Kuopio Map
Lahti Map
Lappeenranta Map
Oulu Map
Pohjois-Karjala Map
Pori Map
Rauma Map
Rovaniemi Map
Tampere Map
Turku Map
Vaasa Map
Vantaa Map

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

France[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Aerial Other
Géoportail Map Aerial cadastral survey, geology, Cassini map
ViaMichelin France Map Traffic
MSN Cartes France Map

Germany[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
GoYellow Map
ViaMichelin Germany Map
MSN Karten Deutschland Map

Great Britain[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map OS maps Aerial Other
Bing Maps UK Map OS maps Aerial Bird's Eye
Multimap Map OS maps Aerial Bird's Eye
StreetMap Map OS maps
Vision of Britain historical maps Map OS maps
Ordnance Survey Get-a-map OS maps
Defra's MAGIC service -
environmental information
Electronic Local Government
Information Network (Elgin) -
roadworks information service
ViaMichelin UK Map Traffic
Old OS maps Map
MSN Maps UK Map

{osgb36ref} (all-numeric format: {osgb36easting} {osgb36northing}) on the British national grid reference system (note: this excludes Northern Ireland, which uses the Irish grid reference system)

Service Information
Geograph British Isles project Photos
UKVillages villages
UK-postcodes.com Postal code and local government

(Not Northern Ireland)

Iceland[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Já.is Map

Isle of Man[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Multimap Map
StreetMap Map
Ordnance Survey Get-a-map Map
MSN Maps UK Map

{osgb36ref} on the British national grid reference system

Italy[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
myMana Map
ViaMichelin Italia Map
MSN Mappe Italia Map

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Liechtenstein[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Swisstopo Map
map.search.ch Map
MySwitzerland.com Map
Mapplus/Tydac Map

Lithuania[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Europe N-Z[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Norway[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Aerial Satellite
atlas.no Map Aerial Hybrid
Gule Sider Map Aerial
Inatur Map
Norkart Virtual Globe Satellite

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Poland[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Mapa Polski Targeo Map
Szukacz.pl Map
Zumi Map
Autopilot Map
Polish Railways Map Map

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Portugal[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Instituto Geográfico do Exército
Requires Internet Explorer
Continente (Portuguese mainland)

Russia[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite
Yandex Maps Map Satellite
Kosmosnimki Map Satellite

Slovakia[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Mapy. Atlas.sk Map
TuristickaMapa.sk Map

Slovenia[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite Other
Geopedia Map Satellite Terrain
GeaBios Map
Gaea+ 3D Satellite (Java)

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Spain[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Coverage Map
MSN Mapas España all Map
Vissir - ICC Catalonia Map
Nomecalles Community of Madrid Map

Sweden[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite Other
Eniro Map Labeled satelite View
hitta.se Map Satellite

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

  • Stadskartan Map
  • Kartguiden Map
  • KartSök och ortnamn Map
  • Historiska kartor Map

Switzerland[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Cantons covered Map
Swisstopo all Map
map.search.ch all Map
MySwitzerland.com all Map
Mapplus/Tydac all Map
geoportal.ch St. Gallen, Appenzell Map
AGISviewer Kanton Aargau Aargau Map
GeoPortal Basel-Stadt Basel-City Map
geoView.BL Basel-Country Map
GéoPortail du Canton de Jura Jura Map
SITN Neuchâtel Map
GIS Schaffhausen Schaffhausen Map
GeoShop vs.geo Valais Map
ZugMap Zug Map
GIS-Zentrum Kanton Zürich Zurich Map

{ch1903easting} / {ch1903northing} on the Swiss Grid

Ukraine[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite
maps.vlasenko.net Map Satellite
Visicom Maps Map

Oceania[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Australia[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Other
Street-Directory.com.au Map
Bonzle Digital Atlas Map Terrain Slice
NearMap Aerial

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

  • SIX - New South Wales - Topo
  • LIST - Tasmania - Topo

Asia[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Arab Emirates[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Abu Dhabi 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Abu Dhabi 1:3000 Map
Ayna Abu Dhabi 1:3000 Satellite
Ayna Arabic Dubai 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Dubai 1:3000 Map
Ayna Dubai 1:3000 Satellite

Bahrain[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Manama 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Manama 1:3000 Map
Ayna Manama 1:3000 Satellite

China[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Google 地图 Map

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

India[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite
Yahoo! India Maps Map Labeled satellite

Indirect[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Iraq[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Baghdad 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Baghdad 1:3000 Map
Ayna Baghdad 1:3000 Satellite

Jordan[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Amman 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Amman 1:3000 Map
Ayna Amman 1:3000 Satellite
Ayna Arabic Aqaba 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Aqaba 1:3000 Map
Ayna Aqaba 1:3000 Satellite

Japan[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map Satellite Other
Google Japan Map Labeled satellite
Geographical Survey Institute Topo
CyberJapan Topo
Mapion Map
MapFan Web Map
Yahoo! Japan Map
Goo Map
Its-mo Guide Map
Livedoor Map

Kuwait[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Kuwait City 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Kuwait City 1:3000 Map
Ayna Kuwait City 1:3000 Satellite

Lebanon[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language Type
Ayna Arabic Map
Ayna English Map
Ayna Satellite

Oman[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Muscat 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Muscat 1:3000 Map
Ayna Muscat 1:3000 Satellite

Qatar[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Doha 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Doha 1:3000 Map
Ayna Doha 1:3000 Satellite

Saudi Arabia[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Jeddah 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Jeddah 1:3000 Map
Ayna Jeddah 1:3000 Satellite
Ayna Arabic Makkah 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Makkah 1:3000 Map
Ayna Makkah 1:3000 Satellite
Ayna Arabic Medina 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Medina 1:3000 Map
Ayna Medina 1:3000 Satellite
Ayna Arabic Riyadh 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Riyadh 1:3000 Map
Ayna Riyadh 1:3000 Satellite

Singapore[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Gothere Map

Syria[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Damascus 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Damascus 1:3000 Map
Ayna Damascus 1:3000 Satellite

Taiwan[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
Urmap Map

Thailand[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
PointAsia Map

Yemen[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Sana'a 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Sana'a 1:3000 Map
Ayna Sana'a 1:3000 Satellite

South America[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Brazil[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
MSN Maps Brazil Map

Antarctica[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Map
MSN maps Map

Africa[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Algeria[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Algers 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Algers 1:3000 Map
Ayna Algers 1:3000 Satellite

Egypt[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Alexandria 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Alexandria 1:3000 Map
Ayna Alexandria 1:3000 Satellite
Ayna Arabic Cairo 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Cairo 1:3000 Map
Ayna Cairo 1:3000 Satellite
Ayna Arabic Hurguda 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Hurguda 1:3000 Map
Ayna Hurguda 1:3000 Satellite
Ayna Arabic Sharm Sheikh 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Sharm Sheikh 1:3000 Map
Ayna Sharm Sheikh 1:3000 Satellite

Libya[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Tripoli 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Tripoli 1:3000 Map
Ayna Tripoli 1:3000 Satellite

Morocco[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language City Type
Ayna Arabic Marrakesh 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Marrakesh 1:3000 Map
Ayna Marrakesh 1:3000 Satellite
Ayna Arabic Rabat 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Rabat 1:3000 Map
Ayna Rabat 1:3000 Satellite

Sudan[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Service Language Coverage Type
Ayna Arabic Khartoum 1:3000 Map
Ayna English Khartoum 1:3000 Map
Ayna Khartoum 1:3000 Satellite

International waters (XZ)[सम्पादन गर्ने]

No specific resources added yet.

Notes[सम्पादन गर्ने]

  1. १.० १.१ १.२ Google Maps has introduced a reverse-geocoding feature, which gives priority to the closest object in their database, instead of the desired coordinates. The closest object is shown with a bright red marker with the map centered on it, and the requested coordinates are given a green marker that often blends into the background or is outside the displayed area. It might be called the "you must have meant this" feature. Our use of the Google Maps KML generator for Google Earth links is also affected. That's not something that can be fixed here. read more...