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A template used by {{IPAc-en}} to display IPA generating for each phoneme a mouseover with an example of the pronunciation and a link to Wikipedia:IPA_for_English#Key.

recognized translations IPA pop-up
b 'b' in 'buy'
d 'd' in 'dye'
dj 'd' in 'dew'
D dh ð 'th' in 'thy'
J dZ dzh ʤ 'j' in 'jam'
f 'f' in 'find'
g ɡ 'g' in 'guy'
h 'h' in 'high'
j 'y' in 'yes'
k 'k' in 'kind'
l 'l' in 'lie'
lj 'l' in 'lute'
m 'm' in 'my'
n 'n' in 'nigh'
nj 'n' in 'new'
N ng ŋ 'ng' in 'sing'
ŋɡ 'ng' in 'finger'
θ T th θ 'th' in 'thigh'
thy θj 'th' in 'enthusiasm'
p 'p' in 'pie'
r 'r' in 'rye'
s 's' in 'sigh'
sj 's' in 'suit'
S sh ʃ 'sh' in 'shy'
t 't' in 'tie'
tj 't' in 'tune'
C ch tS ʧ 'ch' in 'china'
v 'v' in 'vie'
w 'w' in 'wind'
ʍ wh hw 'wh' in 'why'
z 'z' in 'Zion'
zj 'z' in 'Zeus'
Z zh ʒ 's' in 'pleasure'
kh x 'ch' in 'loch'
? - ʔ the catch in 'uh-oh'
A: a: ah aa ɑː 'a' in 'father'
ar ɑr 'ar' in 'bard'
Q ɒ short 'o' in 'body'
ɒr 'or' in 'moral'
ae & { } æ short 'a' in 'bad'
ai aI ye eye long 'i' in 'bide'
aɪər 'ire' in 'fire'
au aU ow 'ou' in 'pout'
aʊər 'our' in 'hour'
E ɛ short 'e' in 'bed'
ɛr 'err' in 'merry'
ei eI ay long 'a' in 'base'
aer @r ær 'arr' in 'marry'
eir eIr e@r E@r air ɛər 'are' in 'bare'
I ɪ short 'i' in 'bid'
ɪr 'irr' in 'mirror'
i: ee long 'e' in 'bead'
ir i:r I@r i@r eer ɪər 'ear' in 'beard'
i- I- ɨ variable 'e' in 'emission'
optional 2nd 'e' in 'echinacea'
O O: aw ɔː 'au' in 'baud'
or Or awr ɔr 'or' in 'born'
oj ɔj oi OI oy ɔɪ 'oy' in 'boy'
ɔɪər 'oir' in 'loir' (rare)
o: oː ou oU @u @U oh oe long 'o' in 'bode'
oUr ohr ɔər 'ore' in 'bore'
U oo ʊ short 'oo' in 'foot'
ʊr 'our' in 'courier'
u: '''oo''' long 'oo' in 'food'
ur u:r u@r U@r oor ʊər 'oor' in 'moor'
juː long 'u' in 'cute'
jʊər 'ure' in 'cure'
u- U- ʉ variable 'u' in 'beautiful'
ju- yu- jU- yU- variable 2nd 'u' in 'curriculum'
V ʌ short 'u' in 'bud'
ʌr 'urr' in 'hurry'
ɝː ɜ ɝ 3r 3:r @:r @: ur urr ir er ɜr 'ir' in 'bird'
schwa @ ə schwa 'a' in 'about'
ɚ @r ər 'er' in 'finger'
ɨ i- I- <s>ɪ</s> schwa 'e' in 'roses'
@n ən 'on' in 'button'
optional 'o' in 'memory'
o- ou- ɵ variable 1st 'o' in 'omission'
@m əm 'm' in 'rhythm'
ʉ u- U- <s>ʊ</s> schwa 'u' in 'beautiful'
@l əl 'le' in 'bottle'
i 'y' in 'happy'
ˈ primary stress
, ˌ secondary stress
. syllable break
_ none (space)
(other) ??