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Usage[सम्पादन गर्ने]

{{Infobox physical quantity
| name =
| width =
| background =
| image = 
| caption = 
| unit =
| otherunits =
| symbols =
| baseunits =
| dimension =
| extensive =
| intensive =
| conserved =
| transformsas =
| derivations =
Parameter Description
name The physical quantity's name.
width To specify the template's width (defaults to 20.5em).
background To specify the template's background colo/ur (defaults to {{Infobox}}'s default).
image To include an image (use standard wikicode, i.e. [[File: .... ]]).
caption To include a caption under the image.
symbols The symbol or symbols used to indicate the quantity in e.g. formulae.
The quantity expressed in SI base units.
dimension The quantity's physical dimension (as used in dimensional analysis).
unit The SI unit in which the quantity is expressed.
otherunits Other (non-SI) units used to measure the quantity.
extensive Is the quantity an extensive quantity? (yes/no)
intensive Is the quantity an intensive quantity? (yes/no)
conserved Is the quantity a conserved quantity? (yes/no)
transformsas The behaviour of the quantity under coordinate transformation (scalar, vector, pseudovector, 4-vector, tensor, etc).
derivations Common way/s to express the quantity using other quantities.
साधारण प्रतीकsymbols
एसआइ एकाइunit
अन्य एकाइotherunits
एसआइ आधार एकाइहरूमाbaseunits
एसआइ विश्लेषणdimension
Behaviour under
coord transformation
अन्य मात्रा देखि

[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Electric charge
साधारण प्रतीकQ , q
एसआइ एकाइcoulomb
अन्य एकाइElementary charge
एसआइ आधार एकाइहरूमाA · s
साधारण प्रतीकP
एसआइ एकाइwatt
एसआइ आधार एकाइहरूमाkg · m2 · s−3
अन्य मात्रा देखि
  • P = E ∕ t
  • P = F · v
  • P = I · U

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