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Usage[सम्पादन गर्ने]

If the optional type parameter is provided, and is specified as mission, rocket, satellite, or spacecraft, the page will be added to Category:Current spaceflights. Other optional parameters are launched, time, clock and webcast. The first unnamed parameter is used for the Launch details line. In cases where २०२० in spaceflight does not have further details, use details=no.

|DD|MM|YYYY|HH|MM|  <!--the date and time of the launch, or start of the launch window. INCLUDE LEADING ZEROS-->
|show            = whether or not transclusion is enabled
|a_or_an         =  a or an to select word after "This article contains information regarding"
|Allow_Override  = allow legacy time parameter (disabled by default as it can interfere with the automatic system
|close           = (obsolete, no longer supported) time at which the launch window closes
|failed          = if the launch has failed. Any content will be assumed to mean it has failed
|launched        = (obsolete) if the launch has occurred. This is now automatic
|role            = the role of the object/organisation/person described in the article in the launch
|time            = (obsolete) the time until launch. This is now automatic, and can't be used unless Allow_Override is set
|type            = mission, rocket, satellite or spacecraft adds to category
|window          = whether there is a launch window, opposed to an exact launch time. Any content will be assumed to mean yes
|windowtype      = type of launch window (window or period) - if unsure, use "window"
|NET             = whether or not the launch date is NET
|mode            = {{{mode|normal}}} <!--(this is needed for wrappers, otherwise ignore it)-->

<!--Time zones-->
|offset          = offset from UTC rounded DOWN to the nearest hour, including + or -, of the time zone AT THE LAUNCH SITE
|m_offset        = remaining offset in minutes
|TZ              = name of time zone at the launch site
|12h             = use 12 hour clock (US and Indian launch sites only)
|dateformat=     = date format (set to "US" for US launch sites only, leave blank or as "UK" for all other launches)

|info            = (obsolete) Entire description
|LSP             = Launch Service Provider
|rocket          = Type of rocket
|spacecraft      = spacecraft name
|sc-type         = type of spacecraft
|sc-a_or_an      = the pronoun preceding the type of spacecraft
|user            = the organisation to operate the spacecraft
|pad             = the launch pad being used
|site            = the site that the rocket is launching from
|crew            = the crew aboard (if it is a manned mission)
|more            = further details

|clock           =  provide link to countdown clock or omit entire line
|webcast         =  provide link to webcast or omit entire line
|links           =  yes or no (default = yes) - displays links to a timeline of spaceflight article and the spaceflight portal
|editlink        =  {{subst:PAGENAME}}

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