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Template:Location map

Iraqको नक्सा
Location map Iraq
name Iraq
38.4 ←↕→ 48.9
map center ३३°०३′उत्तर ४३°३९′पूर्व / ३३.०५° उत्तर ४३.६५° पूर्व / 33.05; 43.65
image Iraq location map.svg
image1 Iraq physical map.svg
Location map Iraq

How to use an alternative map[सम्पादन गर्ने]

This template normally displays the map shown above as image:

  • Iraq location map.svg.

The AlternativeMap parameter in Template:Location map can be used to display the following image:

  • Iraq physical map.svg

Further instructions and examples can be found at Template:Location map#Using Alternative Map.