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Usage[सम्पादन गर्ने]

This template is designed for simple citation of patents. Parameters are passed numerically:

  1. The prefix of the organization publishing the patent, examples are
  2. The patent or patent application number (no punctuation is allowed at this time)
  3. string "application" (optional third parameter)
  4. Patent publication data such as author name and title (this does not affect the generated URL)

The output is the patent number, and a link pointing to a permalink for the patent chosen. This output should be enclosed within reference tags (<ref> and </ref>) in the same way as Template:cite.

Note that patent application numbers are generally different from patent numbers. If you need this, please use the Template:Cite patent template with the optional application parameter.


  • {{patent|US|6556992}} results in
US 6556992 
  • {{patent|US|6556992|"Method and system for rating patents and other intangible assets."}} results in
US 6556992 
  • {{patent|DE|19734511|application|B. Kämmerer, C, Maggioni, H. Röttger/SIEMENS AG: "Kommunikationseinrichtung" filing date 08.08.1997}} results in
DE application 19734511 
  • {{patent|DE|19734511|application}} results in
DE application 19734511 

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