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This template is used to indicate a page is protected under extended confirmed protection, restricting editing to users in the extended confirmed user group.

Usage[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Note adding this form of protection is only for pages that qualify under the extended confirmed section of the protection policy. Simply placing this template on a page will not make it protected.


  1. Change the protection level of the article to "Allow only extended confirmed users". For ArbCom-enforced topics, the duration should be indefinite. The consensus for community use recommends temporary usage only.
  2. Add {{pp-30-500|small=yes}} to the article.
  3. Remove any instances of {{pp}} templates from the page, as the blue padlock icon generated by this template will suffice.
  4. Add {{ds/30-500-editnotice}} or other appropriate template to the page notice of the article (found at Template:Editnotices/Page/PAGENAME), passing the template one of the valid arbitration decision codes. The code will modify the language accordingly. For instance, for Nair, {{ds/30-500-editnotice|ipa}} is added to Template:Editnotices/Page/Nair as it is part of the India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan arbitration decision.

A full-size protection banner, as offered by other protection templates, is not currently supported. Other parameters such as expiry do not apply to this type of protection.

यस ढाँचाले श्रेणीहरूलाई श्रेणी:Wikipedia extended-confirmed-protected pagesमा वर्गीकृत गर्नेछ।

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