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This template provides a quick way to mention an XML-style tag in a preformatted way. Mainly used in discussion/help pages.

Usage[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

  • first parameter(mandatory) the name of the HTML tag
  • second parameter — what type of tag to display:
    • p or pair(default) display a matched pair of open-and-close tags: <font>...</font>
    • o or open – display only the opening tag of an open-and-close pair: <span>
    • c or close – display only the closing tag of an open-and-close pair: </span>
    • s or single – display a single tag: <br />
  • content= — the text content of the tags
  • params= — any parameters to be included in the opening tag

Examples[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

  • {{tag|ref}}<ref>...</ref>
  • {{tag|ref|content=hello}}<ref>hello</ref>
  • {{tag|font|content=foo}}<font>foo</font>
  • {{tag|font|open}}<font>
  • {{tag|font|open|content=hello}}<font>hello
  • {{tag|span|close|content=hello}}hello</span>
  • {{tag|span|pair|content=hello}}<span>hello</span>
  • {{tag|ref|open|params=group=note}}<ref group=note>
  • {{tag|references|single}}<references />
  • {{tag|br|single}}<br />

See also[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

  • The #tag: parserfunction generates working tags.