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Wikivoyage-inline विकियात्रामा यात्रा सहयोगी

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Usage[सम्पादन गर्ने]

As supported by Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects, this template may be used to add a Wikivoyage link to a Wikipedia article. Note that this template generates an InterWikimedia link and is not intended to represent sources for Wikipedia articles.

This template should only be used as an External link, never as a citation. The Wikivoyage template can be used with one, two or no parameters as follows:

{{Wikivoyage-inline}} creates a link to a Wikivoyage page matching the page name
{{Wikivoyage-inline|Boracay}} creates a link to the Wikivoyage page about Boracay
{{Wikivoyage-inline|Boracay|Boracay Island}} creates a link to the Wikivoyage page about Boracay, but the link is labelled as "Boracay Island"