सामग्रीमा जानुहोस्


पृष्ठ सामग्री अन्य भाषाहरूमा समर्थित छैन।
विकिपिडिया, एक स्वतन्त्र विश्वकोशबाट

I mostly write articles and make diagrams. I'm from Altes Land, Lower Saxony.


  • Delete outdated bullshit articles automatically – they deteriorate the quality overall
  • Teach <graph> – it's a shame how sparsely it's used
  • Massively disseminate knowledge about Inkscape/SVG, JavaScript, Lua and semiautomatic Wikidata editing. Experts on these topics are bottlenecks. Make people to creators, not consumers!
  • Better solution for updating the vast number of tables in Wikipedia is needed (CSV export, compare tool, ...)
  • Pay someone who creates free, multilingual school material from SVG schemes on Commons. Just talking about OER is not enough.
  • Quickly introduce a Wikidata-based successor to Commons categories before the backlog of un- and miscategorized pictures gets too huge
  • Introduce Chemical Markup support for Wikimedia Commons (or CDK Depict)
  • Wikimedia Maps is very uninformative: OpenTopoMap is much better!


If you would like to import a dataset to Wikidata: Feel free to ask me for help.

Unused properties

Many properties were created, but not used. In the moment 760 properties are used < 30 times.

Data quality

There are tons of

Where is the sense for quality?


As of 17 November 2016
en[1] de fr ru
Chemists 7032 5833 1632 2246
Biologists 23714 9948 9640 7078
Physicists <<21634 5530 2963 4145
Geologists 3628 1955 1144 1520
Power plants 4763 2068 / /
Pesticides[2] 320+ 550+ 258+ 113+
  1. Because of PetScan timeouts I had to transfer the categories to Pagepiles and then intersect it with P31:Q5
  2. (claim[31:178266] OR claim[31:193237] OR claim[31:181322]) AND link[**wiki]