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science project by Rajan raaz Pandey
Some pic of Rajan raaz pandey on the occasion of sarswoti pooja
Name: Rajan raaz pandey(राजन राज पाणडेय)
Position:Slc candidate 2072 B.S.(एस.एल.सी  2072 बि.स.)

Contact: +977-9844417141 Email:Rajanraazpandey@gmail.com

       It's me Rajan raaz pandey the contributer of Maithili wikipedia.

I am from janakpur and my aim is to make maithili wikipedia with full of articles which are needed to be in wikipedia . I am also working for hindi and bhojpuri wikipedia. म राजन राज पाणडेय मैथली वुकिपेडिरा र भोजपुर पेडियाका लेखक हु।

Rajan raaz pandey

Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/Rajan_raaz_pandey Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rajanraazpandey