स्वतन्त्र विश्वकोश, नेपाली विकिपिडियाबाट
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Wikipedia-logo BW-hires.svgThis editor has decided to leave Wikipedia.

I have been contributing to Wikimedia projects under the nickname AnuJuno since August 2014, and in February 2020 I permanently terminated my presence in the environment due to insecurity. These are the reasons:

My physical security has been compromised because of questioning the interests of the Iranian government and I receive threatening anonymous calls through various means. I blame this on one of the stewards [Mardetanha] after my stupidity. I went to this person's invitation to a public Wikipedia event that led to my identity being revealed. My security problems started from that point on, and with the internal pressure of the multipurpose Fawiki accounts, and the Foundation's silence, it is still going on.

The incredible reaction I saw from WMF ruined all my previous imaginations. They listened to numerous criticisms and grievances to defend the legitimacy of their past decisions, dangerous serial mistakes whose consequences will soon be revealed. They started defending themselves and did little to follow up, and without Ladsgroup's help, things could have gotten worse. Regretfully, I found the Wikimedia Foundation lacked the willpower to protect its users with all respect and love (as the most basic requirement).

The Islamic regime-affiliated mafia inside of Persian Wikipedia is the most important reason for me. Some of these people, under such fancy titles as the "Iranian Wikimedians User Group", expand their influence by linking themselves to Wikimedia Foundation and exert power instead of civilized participation in the encyclopedia. Think about your security. Goodbye

An image that illustrates how to silence anti-government users in Persian Wikipedia. In partnership with Mardetanha and Arash.pt and the people behind the internal power bands. The message contained a security warning to users inside Iran.

UPDATE: After opened this section in Wikimedia foroum and warned users of Persian wikipedia today (2020-03-21) in local vp to protect their online identity and not attend public events in Iran (the same mistake I made), I was permanently blocked on this wiki. I was even denied the possibility of protesting on the talk page and sending email, and all my alerts and relate edits were hidden using admin access! By whom? User:Mardetanha and User:Arash.pt, two users heavily accused of systematically suppressing opponents. Many things are clear in Stewards/Confirm/2020/Mardetanha, the voices of concerned people and the reaction of Arash.pt to me, the charge of revenge vote that was rejected on the talk page and maybe some other remarkable things. My persistent and annoying pursuit of protecting the security of the contributors finally ended with my physical elimination, as promised by exactly the same words and by the same users! I've never seen this on any other wiki. Censor a user's conversations in a public place, permanently shut down the user, hide their conversations and other users' comments, completely disable editing on the talk page and email. In short, the protesting user has completely disappeared from the scene, as if he had never existed. Stalin will be proud.