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Purpose[सम्पादन गर्ने]

{{Infobox organization}} – An infobox for articles about Sporting event organisations i.e. Olympics, Commonwealth games, Southeast Asian Games, etc

Usage[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Copy a blank version to use. All fields are lower case and optional.

{{Infobox sporting event organization
|name         =
|image        =
|size         =
|caption      =
|image2       = (In case of second image)
|size2        = (In case of second image)
|caption2     = (In case of second image)
|abbreviation = 
|motto        = 
|formation    = (date of formation)
|recurrence   = (Happen every how many years)
|last         = (date of extinction, optional)
|purpose      = (Sports for the Commonwealth, Sports for working people, Sports for disabled people)
|headquarters = (Where is the headquarters based - City, Country
|leader_title = (position title for the leader of the org)
|leader_name  = (name of leader)
|website      = (Use the following format [http://www.website.com Name of the Org]
|remarks      =

Verbiage and example[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Workers Olympiad
पहिलो संस्करणFrankfurt am Main, Germany, in 1925
प्रतियोगिता अन्तराल6 years
अन्तिम संसकरणPlanned 1943 Helsinki, Finland games but stopped due to war
उदेश्यSports for working people
ComradeJules Devlieger,
{{Infobox Sporting Event Organization
|name         = Workers Olympiad
|image        =<!--Non-free image removed:  1925 Poster for the Labour Olympiad in Frankfurt.jpg-->
|size         = 250px
|caption      = 1925 Poster for the International Workers Olympiads in Frankfurt.
|abbreviation = 
|motto        = 
|formation    = [[Frankfurt am Main]], [[Germany]], in 1925
|recurrence   = 6 years
|last         = Planned 1943 [[Helsinki]], [[Finland]] games but stopped due to war
|purpose      = Sports for working people
|headquarters = 
|leader_title = Comrade 
|leader_name  = Jules Devlieger,
|website      = 
|remarks      =