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This is the /data subpage for {{Physical constants}}. It stores all of the values used by the main template.

Usage[सम्पादन गर्ने]

This subpage uses two switch statements to determine the data sent back to the main template. Use the template below for ease of adding a new constant.

    | name =  {{#switch: {{{2}}}
                | symbol = symbol
                | val = significand of physical constant value
                | end = string to follow significand (usually ... representing further exact digits) 
                | un1 = standard uncertainty (with leading zeroes)
                | unc = EITHER (standard uncertainty digits; concise form) OR blank if exact
                | round = digits after decimal for default rounding; see below
                | exp = exponent of value
                | runc = significand of relative standard uncertainty
                | rexp = exponent of relative standard uncertainty
                | unit = unit
                | ref = reference footnote (in <ref>...</ref> tags)