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श्रेणी:Transl template errors

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This category is used to track {{Transl}} template errors. This category is used only by Module:Lang.

Error messages[सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]

The error messages have the form:

[<text>] <error message> (help link)

where <text> is the text supplied to the template and rendered without proper html markup. Error messages are defined here:

Error message definitions
Error message Description
missing language / script code {{{1}}} (required) is empty or is not two, three, or four characters in length
unrecognized language / script code: <code> {{{1}}} is not a valid two- or three-character IANA/ISO 639-3 language code or is not a four-character ISO 15924 script code.
no text {{{2}}} (or {{{3}}} if transliteration standard supplied in {{{2}}}) is empty; this parameter is required. This message will also appear if an equal sign "=" is used.
unrecognized transliteration standard: <transliteration standard> {{{2}}} is empty when {{{3}}} holds the transliteration text; or {{{2}}} is not a transliteration standard code known to the template; this parameter is optional but if not required must be omitted. Known standard codes are:
AHL, ALA, ALA-LC, BATR, BGN/PCGN, DIN, EAE, Hepburn, IAST, ISO, Nihon-shiki, pinyin, RR, SATTS, UNGEGN, Wehr;

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