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To be added in Coronavirus in Nepal article[सम्पादन गर्ने]

To be added in Coronavirus pandemic in Nepal English article

Source : https://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/14/man-suspected-of-having-coronavirus-refuses-to-stay-in-isolation-ward-and-returns-home Thapa Kazi999 (कुरा गर्ने) ०७:३९, १५ मार्च २०२० (नेपाली समय)

Coronvirus topics for Nepal: Preparations: *https://kathmandupost.com/province-no-1/2020/03/10/health-officials-at-biratnagar-customs-point-say-they-lack-proper-security-gears-to-tackle-contingent-covid-19-infections

Slamming of Nepalese media by Chinese authorities:

Curtail on Nepalese border:

Hey, thanks! I have just expanded the article, I intend to do more, search for news sorted by date for each week in Feb and March, and compile a more complete timeline. Will see how long that gets, and only work on trimming the details if the article starts to become very long, either now or after more news comes in in the coming days. Good work with the Nepali article yourself.
Have you been staying away from the English Wikipedia since we last talked? Haven't come across any new drafts. Cheers! युज्डटूबिकुल (कुरा गर्ने) २१:३६, १६ मार्च २०२० (नेपाली समय)
Thank you for the compliment. Though I watch the English Wikipedia, I have not touched the English Wikipedia (since we chatted) by logging in from my blocked id.
Also, I speculate an upcoming outbreak in Nepal. I will be helping you as per my timing convenience. Thank you for your dedication out there.

Thapa Kazi999 (कुरा गर्ने) ००:२७, १८ मार्च २०२० (नेपाली समय)

Thapa Kazi999, thanks for collecting all the sources. It's a tremendous help.
I do not know what kind of non-stale CU data they have on you, but it would be best if you didn't edit the English Wikipedia at all from any account or IP for six months if you intend to request unblock per the standard offer. However, considering that those were clearly mistakes you made when you were very new, I think you could try making an unblock request at the talk page of your account right away. Tell them that you made mistakes when you were new, but now you intend to abide by WP:Verifiability and WP:NPOV, follow WP:BRD, never edit with other accounts or logged out. You can show them all the good work you have been doing as IP and tell them that you would continue with that if unblocked and take it slow. Add that you actually intend to stop editing altogether and request per the standard offer if you won't be unblocked right away. I would be happy to take you on if you would like. I think I might have enough goodwill over there to pursuade people to unblock you under the condition that I will monitor your actions and help you out as necessary. Let me know if you decide to give an unblock request a try, right away. If you decide to wait six months though, please don't edit with other accounts or IPs. Best, युज्डटूबिकुल (कुरा गर्ने) १५:३४, २४ मार्च २०२० (नेपाली समय)
I will wait for six months before requesting an unblock. I will remain loggedin with this account. Thank you for being kind and offering your support to me. Thapa Kazi999 (कुरा गर्ने) १३:१५, ५ अप्रिल २०२० (नेपाली समय)

Timeline coronavirus news related to Nepal and Nepalis[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Sorted by Published date (new date ahead)

For Background purpose:

Thapa Kazi999 (कुरा गर्ने) १०:५६, २१ मार्च २०२० (नेपाली समय)