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{{Proposed deletion/dated}} should not be added manually; {{subst:proposed deletion|concern=reason}} should be used instead where reason is replaced with your policy compliant rationale for proposing that the page be deleted. It is important that the article's deletion be proposed in this manner to ensure that required elements are technically satisfied and properly in place; for example: appending a timestamp, the performing of checks required WP:BEFORE, and the proper categorization of proposed pages are but a few.

Refer to that template's documentation for more information. And please remember to include a good edit summary whenever proposing a page for deletion, endorsing a prod proposed by another, or contesting a prod by removing the tag.

This template will categorize pages into Category:All articles proposed for deletion and, if used correctly the appropriate dated sub-category as well. If used incorrectly, the article will be added to Category:Proposed deletions needing attention (also or instead). See Wikipedia:Proposed deletion for more information and step by step instructions.

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