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BRPever is taking a short semi-wikibreak and will be back on Wikipedia after an some time. During this time he may make occassional edits and fixes. Hope you all enjoy editing, enjoy wikipedia!
BRPever अनिश्चित कालको लागि अनुपस्थि रहनु हुनेछ।

Wikicamp Nepal 2018/19[सम्पादन गर्ने]

Hello BRPever,
Sorry for writing in English.

We are glad, you are the part of WCN2018. So, you are WCNian. Congratulations! \o/

The Wikicamp Nepal team is currently discussing on the value and planning process of Wikicamp Nepal 2018/19, and is open until 31 May 2019. The goals are to (1) build a shared understanding of the value of Wikicamp Nepal to help guide camp planning and evaluation, and (2) gather broad community input on what new form(s) Wikicamp Nepal 2019 could take.

We'd like to hear from you on this multilingual survey form. Select your language and please send us your response!

If you have any question(s), feel free to contact: wikicampnepal[at]gmail.com or leave a message at: Talk:Wikicamp Nepal 2018. Kindly help us spread and translate this message!

Many thanks,
— Tulsi Bhagat (contribs | talk),
WCN2018 Organizing Team; Message sent using MediaWiki message delivery (कुरा गर्ने) ०४:४३, १७ मे २०१९ (युटिसी(UTC))

सन्दर्भ ढाँचा सम्बन्धमा[सम्पादन गर्ने]

वेनुप ज्यु, तपाईले reference> हटाई reflist हाल्नु भएको रहेछ तर त्यो reflist को ढाँचा नेपालीमा पहिलै देखिनै

रहेको छ तसर्थ reflist हटाई सन्दर्भसुची राखिदिनुहुन अनुरोध गर्दछु।पर्वत सुबेदी (कुरा गर्ने) १२:३१, ६ जुन २०१९ (युटिसी(UTC))

@Tulsi Bhagat:, Please use your bot to do this buddy, also probably best to discuss at village pump as the target is almost all the pages. (sorry for eng, font problem)--BRP ever`