श्रेणी:Pages with red-linked authority control categories

विकिपिडिया, एक स्वतन्त्र विश्वकोशबाट

This error-tracking category is used to catch all pages (Wikipedia articles, user pages, etc.) with red-linked categories being assigned via {{Authority control}}. The most likely cause is that a new parameter/ID has recently been added to Module:Authority control and the editor has yet to create the appropriate subordinate tracking categories (see Template:Authority control#Wikidata for examples).

Pages in this category should only be added by Module:Authority control.



यो श्रेणीका जम्मा ११ श्रेणीहरू मध्ये निम्न ११ उपश्रेणीहरू छन्।


"Pages with red-linked authority control categories" श्रेणीमा रहेका पृष्ठहरू

कुल ८५ मध्ये यस श्रेणीमा ८५ पृष्ठहरू रहेका छन्। यस सूचीमा भर्खरका परिवर्तनहरू प्रतिबिम्बित नहुन सक्छन् (थप जान्नुहोस्)।